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Development Services

Backend Development

We believe in using API-first development because by building your API first, you’re able to use the same smart platform to power web, mobile, PC native, and machine-to-machine interfaces.

Frontend Development

Maximising UX is the best way to increase chances of conversion, sales, repeat business, and stickiness. We do this by using applications that leverage the full spectrum of rich web app capabilities via Single Page Application architecture – which we build by using javascript frameworks like React and Vue.js.

Design Services

A critical key to success is having a simple user experience. The best way to achieve this from the start is by experiencing a prototype of your app.

“Design is how it works” ~ Steve Jobs

Zero One will build a wireframe prototype that allows you to understand how your application looks and works early on in the process. You’re then able to make decisions at a much earlier stage, which saves you time and money.

Testing Services

We believe your brand’s reputation is tied directly to your digital presence.

To maintain your brand’s good reputation it’s imperative you have an automated safety net that is constantly vigilant against regressions.

To get there, a solid test suite must live alongside your application that tests every facet of its feature set. Applications built by Zero One come with a suite like this out-of-the-box.

DevOps Services

The best way to allow your application to scale is by automating your entire delivery pipeline, from provisioning to expansion.

Investing in a DevOps ecosystem means that your application will be able to scale to any demand it meets. Trust in Zero One to make sure your application supports and embraces this discipline from the very first day.

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